House730 Terms of Leaving Message

1. This website and mobile application (“House730”) has the right to delete or edit any message left in this website

2. All message left can only enquire information of the properties. Advertisement or promotion message or solicitation for commercial activities are prohibited.

3. Personal contact means is prohibited to be shown in the message. Please leave your personal contact method in the “Contact Information” column, that can only be seen by the member who list the property.

4. Within the listing period of the property, member who lists the property is allowed to edit or delete his/her own message.

5. After the expiry of the property listing, member is not allowed to edit or delete his/her message. If member requests to delete his/her own message, he/she has to pay administration fee of HKD500 to House730.

6. The member who list property has the right to delete message on the property and suspend certain members from using message function on that property for a period of time.

7. Member or agent member is only allowed to leave at most 20 messages within 24 hours. House730 reserves the right to remove those messages exceeding limit without any prior notice.

8. Property agency members must leave their company name in any message.

9. House730 will not verify the identity of the member who list the property and will not compensate for any loss incurred to member(s).

10. The above terms and conditions may change from time to time without prior notice.For the latest version, please visit our website

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