Property Listing Charge

Property Listing Charge Details (same charge for listing for sale or rent)

If you have any question, please call: 3619 3200
Mon - Fri, 9:00AM - 6:00PM(except Public Holiday)

Standard 91853 listings are active General Listing HK$300/ 300Gold coin
HK$100/ 100Gold coin
Valid for 60 days(for sale)
Valid for 30 days(for rent)
Featured 5026 listings are active Listing with better exposure HK$1000 / 1000Gold coin
HK$730/ 730Gold coin
Valid for 30 days(for sale)
Valid for 30 days(for rent)

Property agent:  If you would like to know more about Property Agent Package, please contact us。 Tel: 852-3619 3200。

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1. When property is successfully listed, it will be shown in House730 website and mobile App

2. Each property can only be listed as for sale or for rent, it is not allowed to list as for sale and for rent at the same

3. Listing fee of property for sale, for rent and renewal is the same

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