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Shatin CASTELLO Middle Floor House730-[7001616]



Middle Floor

Car Park

Sale $930K

Ho Man Tin | King's Park MANTIN HEIGHTS House730-[6972414]

Sale $3.04M

Shatin CITIMARK Lower Floor House730-[3674006]



GFA Approx.1sq. ft.  @$1600000

Lower Floor

Car Park

Sale $1.6M

Kwai Chung K83 Lower Floor House730-[5439376]


Sheung Kwai Chung Industrial K83

GFA Approx.1sq. ft.  @$2750000

Lower Floor

Car Park

Sale $2.75M

Kowloon Bay TELFORD HOUSE Lower Floor House730-[2764589]



GFA Approx.1sq. ft.  @$3800000

Lower Floor

Car Park

Sale $3.8M

Cheung Sha Wan | Lai Chi Kok BILLION PLAZA Lower Floor House730-[3053718]



GFA Approx.1sq. ft.  @$2900000

Lower Floor

Car Park

Sale $2.9M

Shatin W LUXE Lower Floor House730-[5211787]


Shek Mun W LUXE

GFA Approx.1sq. ft.  @$3000000

Lower Floor

Car Park

Sale $3M

Kwai Chung KINGSWIN INDUSTRIAL BUILDING Lower Floor House730-[4589080]

Sale $1.45M

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Buy Car Park Spaces in Hong Kong

The car park property market in Hong Kong can be divided into residential, commercial, government or public areas. Within Hong Kong’s notoriously expensive residential and commercial property market, car parking spaces are regarded as an alternative form of investment with comparatively lower investment costs and potential opportunity for returns. House730 provides the most updated listings for buying car park spaces in Hong Kong, filterable by type of building, location, and more. Find your ideal car park space by browsing listings from individual owners and real estate agents.


How to Pick Car Park Spaces

In Hong Kong, most parking spaces for purchase are located inside residential or commercial properties, the majority situated inside a sheltered parking lot. Aside from your desired budget relative to the market prices, other important aspects of buying a car park space include the intended usage of your parking space, location, and proximity.  


1.      Car Park Space Usage

A crucial aspect to note is whether the car park space is for personal use or investment purposes. Whether it’s inside a residential or commercial property, most buildings have a combination of non-residential/public parking spaces and resident-only parking spaces. Those seeking to buy a car park space for investment purposes may wish to consider public or non-residential spaces to attract more potential renters. Those seeking to buy a car park space for personal use may look into purchasing resident-only car park spaces for increased privacy.


2.      Parking Space Location

The specific location and environment of the parking space play a leading role in your decision-making process. Aspects such as its distance to the entrance, wall, building pillars, general safety of the building, and access to an electric charging station could impact the price and long-term value of your parking space. For example, if the parking space dimensions can only fit small cars, this could impact the number of potential tenants for someone buying a car park space for investment purposes.


3.      Accessibility & Proximity

Whether you’re using the car park space for personal and investment purposes, the accessibility and proximity of the car park to your home or office are key factors to note. Those buying a car park space for personal use may emphasise its integration with their daily routines. In comparison, those using it for investment purposes may place less importance on the proximity and more emphasis on the demand and long-term growth opportunities of that location.


Interested in buying a car park space in Hong Kong? Bookmark your favourite listings by signing in/creating an account, or contact the property lister by following their information given on the individual listing page. For any questions or enquiries about House730 car park listings, feel free to send us your enquiry or give us a call at 852-3619 3200.