SUNSHINE CITY Phase 4 - Block J

Sale$5.1M Mortgage Calculator

SA338sq. ft. @$15089

GFA 458sq. ft. @$11135

Avg. Price/sq. ft. in this estate $14359/sq. ft.

Room 2 Room(s) Years Built27 year

Residential Estate

Address 18 ON LUK ST… View


Nice Decoration	Large Estate	Convenient Transportation	Good Property Management	Useful Partition	Near Ma On Shan Rail Station	Urgent, Landlord property for Sale	Negotiable	Best for First Home Buyer	Building View

Property IDBI69010671(Provided by Property Agent)


House730 ID6864453

Listing/Renew Date2022-11-25

Record Update8 days ago

Expiry Date2022-12-25

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于國强 E-457622


Shop No. 2105A , Level 2, Ma On Shan Plaza, Ma On Shan, NT

59880505 |93275126


細心為顧客提供服務 如有任何查詢,歡迎隨時聯絡我

Friendly Reminder: Before you sign agreement with landlord or agent, please do not pay any money to them

利嘉閣-馬鞍山 2區


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