Tregunter Tower 3 14 Tregunter Path For Sale

Mid-Levels Central TREGUNTER

Upper Floor Tower 3-C

Sale$120M Mortgage Calculator

SA2429sq. ft. @$49403

GFA 3034sq. ft. @$39552

Room3 Years Built28 year

Residential Estate Sea View With Carpark Club Facilities Shuttle Bus

Address 14 TREGUNTER… View


Prestigious location, landmark and famous building, panoramic view, fireworks and sea view of Victoria Harbour, star clubhouse, shuttle bus

Property IDTGH564(Provided by Property Agent)


House730 ID1767070

Listing/Renew Date2022-08-07

Record Update4 days ago

Expiry Date2022-09-06

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Jess Poon S-362119

太古廣場三期分行B組 (中半山組)


92558037 |25222807

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