FanlingYAN SHING COURTFor sale - 間隔四正, 景觀開楊, 環境幽美, 專業管理, 保安嚴密, 名校集中, 鄰近商場民生旺區, 靜中帶旺
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YAN SHING COURTTransaction Data

Gross Area (sq. ft.) 710
Unit Price (Gross Area) @$5169
Saleable Area (sq. ft.) 554
Unit Price (Saleable Area) @$6625
Block and Unit 欣喜閣 (C座)
Bedrooms 3
Years Built 27
Address 15 WAH MING ROAD Location
View 427
Listing or Renew Date 2020-04-26
Record Update 15 hour ago
Expiry Date 2020-11-18

Residential Estate

Fanling YAN SHING COURT For Sale

間隔四正, 景觀開楊, 環境幽美, 專業管理, 保安嚴密, 名校集中, 鄰近商場民生旺區, 靜中帶旺

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TEL:  62335211

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