Mid-Levels WestTHE BELCHER'SFor sale - 廳大房大,實用率高,清雅簡約,星級會所,設施齊備,恆溫泳池,室內泳池,酒店大堂,市場罕有,超值抵住,投資精選,可租可售,滄海遺珠,把握機會,市場難求,機不可失,尊貴地段,地標名廈,交通便利,地鐵上蓋,核心地段,校網地利,購物便利,旺中帶靜,新地樓王,名牌屋苑,豪宅典範
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THE BELCHER'STransaction Data

Gross Area (sq. ft.) 1628
Unit Price (Gross Area) @$25184
Saleable Area (sq. ft.) 1267
Unit Price (Saleable Area) @$32360
Block and Unit Tower 8 - F
Phase PHASE 2
Floor Middle Floor
Bedrooms 4
Years Built 18
Address 89 POK FU LAM ROAD Location
View 6
Listing or Renew Date 2020-04-07
Record Update 5 days ago
Expiry Date 2020-11-16

Residential Estate

Mid-Levels West THE BELCHER'S For Sale


Spacious Rooms, High Efficiency, Nice Decoration, 5-Star Club House, Full Facilities, Heated Pool, Indoor Swimming Pool, Grand Lobby, Rare Offer, Great Value, Best For Investment, For Sale & For Lease
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丁俊文 Raymond Ting / S-227562

CPAL-Mid-Levels West Lyttelton Road Branch No. 2 / C-000227

G/F., No. 33 Lyttelton Road, Mid-Levels West, Hong Kong

TEL:  63320407

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